Last updated 12 January, 2024

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  Counselling or Coaching?

What is Coaching?

To help explain what coaching is, here are just some of the issues our clients bring to their sessions at Rowan:

  • 'I feel completely overwhelmed by my workload'
  • 'I seem to have lost my confidence to tackle difficult issues or even make decisions'
  • 'I feel blocked and unable to find any kind of motivation and drive'
  • 'Relationships in my office seem to be breaking down - we just don't communicate well'
  • 'How can I get my team to engage with me and some new projects?'
  • 'I need help to define what I want from my life and my job'
  • 'I feel stuck, I have ideas and lots of plans but nothing is happening - help'

So coaching is all about becoming more effective in different areas of our lives whether it is at work or in our private lives. The coach works with a client to help this to happen. This is a relatively new, emerging profession and is related to counselling.

Jenny Rogers, a leading coach, defines it in these terms:

"The coach works with clients to achieve speedy, increased and sustainable effectiveness in their lives and careers through focused learning. The coach's sole aim is to work with the client to achieve all of the client's potential - as defined by the client."
"Coaching Skills - A Handbook" by Jenny Rogers, Open University Press 2004

To book an initial appointment for coaching, please contact Rowan.

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