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ILM Level 3 Award in Coaching


ILM Logo Level 3 Award in Coaching
Duration 2 days Booking Form
Dates 7th June and 5th September
LocationRowan Consultancy, Perth, PH1 5EN
Cost 520 + VAT

Gain a recognised award whilst coaching your team to success!

The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 3 Award in Coaching gives you the skills to empower and motivate your team members. Coaching skills help you develop your direct reports, by asking powerful questions provoking them to think of solutions for themselves. This course enables you to hold formal coaching sessions with colleagues, as well as using coaching skills on an informal basis as part of your job. It gives you a recognised qualification in workplace coaching.


The Level 3 Award in Coaching is a concise qualification made up of three units which introduce the key aspects of coaching in the workplace. These units are spread over three days, during which you will also receive two individual tutorials. The units are:

  • 'Understanding good practice in workplace coaching';
  • 'Organising workplace coaching' ;
  • 'Undertaking Supervised Coaching in the Workplace';

In addition, you will need to complete six hours of workplace coaching sessions with your own staff. Each coaching session is evaluated by you and the people you coach, and this forms part of a portfolio of evidence required for the award. You also need to complete a short assignment and keep a coaching diary.

By the end of the course, you will:

  • understand the role of the workplace coach
  • be able to self-access a variety of interpersonal communication skills
  • give effective feedback to learners
  • understand the range and value of different learning resources that support safe and effective coaching
  • gain practical skills in how to monitor and record learner progress
  • plan, organise and undertake workplace coaching sessions
  • monitor/review your own workplace coaching performance


Participants must have completed Rowan's Manager as Coach course or Rowan's Coaching For Counsellors course before enrolling for the ILM Award or Certificate in Coaching.

Why Rowan Training?

We believe you don't learn skills by just being lectured or seeing slides, so we demonstrate coaching in action. Then you will practice coaching each other in groups of 3 or 4, and receive feedback. It's the best way to learn!

All Rowan trainers are experienced trainers as well as practising coaches. The direct coaching practice of the trainers informs and enhances their training. Each group will consists of 6-16 trainees, with a ratio of 1 trainer to 8 trainees. Rachel Weiss, Head of Training, is the lead trainer for this course. You will receive 2 individual tutorials to support and complete your portfolio of evidence, and your tutor is available for telephone consultations between tutorials and training days.

Rowan Consultancy has delivered coaching and coaching training to organisations in the private, public and voluntary sectors for many years. We know which models work and how to help you acquire and practice coaching skills.

Why an Institute of Leadership and Management course?

ILM is Europe's leading management organisation, with a network of over 2000 approved centres. You will receive an ILM Award certificate, Level 3 (SCQF Level 6), marking your professional development and 12 months student membership of ILM, offering you access to a wealth of expert information, advice and support services to maximise your training experience.

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