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Management Today

An ILM Development Programme

Management Today

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Dates & Duration

13th November 2019,
9.30am - 4.30pm
3rd December 2019,
9.30am - 12.30pm

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Location Rowan Consultancy, Perth
Cost 375 + VAT

Successful Management Today

This course is for staff who have not received any management training before. You may have many years' managerial experience or may be new to a management role. You have probably spent several years attaining proficiency in your specialist area, but as a manager, you have a whole new skill-set to acquire!

As an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Development Programme, ILM has examined and approved Rowan’s Management Today course as meeting their standards for management training, giving you quality assurance.


This one-and-a-half day course provides practical skills and models for managers. At the end of the workshop you will have:

  • gained awareness of different management styles using Adair's Action Centred Leadership model;
  • understood the responsibilities and roles of a manager;
  • learnt how to adapt your management style to the needs of your team using Blanchard's Situational Leadership;
  • gained familiarity with the transition model as applied to the move from colleague to manager, and the change in your team;
  • become aware of the player-manager tension in yourself and learn what, when, and how to delegate;
  • practised giving effective feedback on performance;
  • experienced using the One-Minute Manager to set one-minute goals, give one-minute praise and one-minute reprimands;
  • understood the importance of planning, monitoring and reviewing;
  • considered what motivates your team.

The course is experiential with plenty of opportunity to related management theory to your current situation. We encourage you to share real-life management challenges with one another and to coach each other to discover possible solutions.

Why Rowan Training?

We believe you don't learn skills by just being lectured or seeing slides, so we use experiential learning where you relate the theory to your own work situation. It's the best way to learn!

All Rowan trainers are experienced managers as well as trainers. Rachel Weiss, Head of Training and founding partner of Rowan Consultancy, is the lead trainer for this course.

Rowan Consultancy has delivered management training to organisations in the private, public and voluntary sectors for many years. We know which models work and how to help you acquire and practice management knowledge and skills.

What are the benefits of choosing an ILM Development Programme?

ILM is Europe's leading management organisation, with a network of over 2000 approved centres. ILM is the UK's largest awarding body for leadership and management qualifications.

As well as receiving an industry wide recognised qualification, you will receive 6 months' student membership of ILM, giving you access to a wealth of expert information, advice and support services to maximise your training experience and continue your learning after the course end. ILM helps you network with other local managers.

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Benefit your organisation, yourself, and your team by making a successful transition into management. Download a booking form now. Alternatively, if you need more information, give Rowan a call today on 01738 562 005 to speak to one of the trainers.

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